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Meet Grog! Australian alcohol YouTubers, Cold Ones, have launched a new RTD made with New Zealand Vodka, Japanese Shochu & soda. It's available nationwide in three flavours - Grape, Peach & Lemon Ice.

After years of testing & reviewing alcohol on their Cold Ones channel, the duo found they were never quite satisfied. The only drinks that came close were the ones found in convenience stores in Japan - so they set about creating their own. 

Packed with fruity goodness and a kick from Japanese Shochu, it's a party in every can. Unlike those other Vodka RTDs, Grog brings the flavor without the sugar, guaranteeing a punchy taste sensation in every single sip. Check out the range of groggy goodness!

Grape - Take a sip of the 10 pack of Grapey goodness and feel just as cool as you did when you bought your own pack of Hubba Bubba from the dairy! 

Lemon Ice - Prepare for a wild ride on the frosty citrus rollercoaster with the latest sensation! It’s like sipping on icy lemony magic that’ll have you doing cartwheels with every sip. 

Peach – Looking for something tasty? Great Choice! These fizzy treats of delicious peach nectar will disappear quicker than your parents liquor cabinet. Best to stock up while you can. 

At 6% ABV, they are low calories, low sugar & full of flavour! They're also gluten free & vegan friendly. 

In case you're wondering, Sochu is a Japanese distilled liquor made from wheat, rice or barley and has a mild sweet taste. 


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